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CyberCongress / Coworking – New Workgroup created in the Blogs of XVI World Congress IUPPS / XVI SAB Congress

17-03-2011 21:06


   The Cybercongress SocialGo is a tool that streamline the relationship between the participants of the congress expanding the possibilities of flow of informations, establishing communication in Digital Network amplitude.


   The principal objective is about increasing power of the interaction of the participants of the Working Groups and all of Social Medias envolved by the Congress, actualy envolving hundreds of people.


   This Working Group was created aiming to the participation of the Professionals who want to contribute with the discussion and disclosure of their Projects, making use of the figures of the Participants and Social Medias that encompasses the Congress, what allows spread of knowledge in large scale and in high velocity.


   So, in this way, is established also the model of Coworking in real time, because it is a collaborative working model that  through the union of the parts envolved, makes the communities gain speed of answer and flexibility of meet the demands in this times of convergence by the Digital Media.


   Link: https://xviuispp.ning.com/group/cybercongress