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Excellence Expedition – Last International Events

26-05-2014 09:46

Group Documento´s team has recently presented important papers for the disclosure of the company´s Cultural Diplomacy strategy in international events. Dr Erika Robrahn-Gonzalez was invited last March to represent Brazil in the “World Wood Day Symposium”, which was held in Xianyou, Fujian Province, China. The event annually assembles experts for discussion of solutions and innovation in wood use globally, with the aim of potentializing its sustainable use. In this opportunity Dr. Erika presented the panel:

“Wood in a Changing Culture: Historical and Cultural Values in Brazil” - Dra. Erika M. Robrahn-Gonzalez

In April Dra. Erika participated in the 79th. Annual Meeting of The Society for American Archaeology, held in Austin, Texas – USA. The event was an important opportunity for the presentation of two panels regarding archaeology and cultural risk:

“Management of Urban and Archaeological Settings: a Case Study of the Port of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil” - Dr. Erika M. Robrahn-Gonzalez


“The research, Protection and Repatriation of Human and Sacred Remains of Native People in Archaeological Research: Brazilian Strategies and Case Studies” - Dra. Erika M. Robrahn-Gonzalez e Ms. Gerson Levi-Lazzaris

The next Excellence Expedition event, in which Documento Group was present, also in the month of April, was the “II Jornadas de Arqueologia Transatlântica”, held in the university of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, in Mação, Portugal. Heritage Collections Coordinator Ms. Marrian Helen da Silva represented the company in this occasion, with the presentation:

“Heritage Collections and its Cultural Sustainability: Practices and Guidelines in Brazil”

 All mentioned presentations were fundamental to the international disclosure of key principles and applications for the cultural risk mitigation strategies undergoing in Documento Groups projects.

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