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Excellence Expedition: Rio Itariri Institute Field Work

05-06-2014 10:13

Grupo Ducumento´s team conducted another well-succeeded strategic visit for the consolidation of its´ Natural Cultural Environment products. The event that had the presence of architect Ana Carolina Brugnera, along with photographer Vinícius Camargo and Olho D´Água Institute co-founders Marrian Rodrigues and Jorlan Oliveira, happened last Tuesday, May the 3rd.

The participants visited the grounds of Rio Itariri Institute headquarters, the “Santa Gertrudes farm”, situated in Pedro de Toledo, São Paulo (Brazil). The visit´s main goals were to delimitate the trail where a Cultural Circuit is going to be constructed and to establish the content for the Natural Cultural Environment course, which is going to be ministered by the Institute, in the future. The team mapped and geographically referenced the trail, and headed meetings in order to establish the course´s theoretical scope. Rio Itariri Institute biologist, Aline Regina dos Santos, accompanied all activities.