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Museum of Natural Sciences Jewels of Nature promotes activities about paleontology and archaeology

03-05-2011 17:10

Aiming publicizing the importance of paleontology (science that studies the evolution of humanity through fossils) the Museum of Natural Sciences Jewels of Nature placed in the Frei Gaspar street, 1101, center of São Vicente will hold an event “Museum and Memories: Paleontology x Archaeology”. The event will have speeches during the Saturdays, May 07 2011 to July 02 2011. To participate is necessary to subscribe anticipated. 

The first day of speeches (05/07) also will be inaugurated the exposition “Fossils: The life that comes from rocks” at 10 PM with presentation of fossils that explains the evolution of the species through the geological eras and periods from the planet Earth. 

The subscriptions must be done anticipated because all the events have limited vacancy and they give right to the certification of participation.

The interested ones must contact by email museujoiasdanatureza@gmail.com, fone (13) 3329-7960 or personally in the place and inform the full name, contact and which activity wishes to participate. The entry for the event is 1 kg of non-perishable food.

Check the schedule.